When Fitness Does Not Equal Being Healthy, and Knowing the Difference

Hi friends! I want to talk to you today about fitness and how you fit it into your life.

So much of what we see on social media highlights perfectly sculpted abs, 20 minute “butt and gut blaster” workouts, and so many other things that aren’t always realistic and I want to remind you that what you see on social media (a lot of times) is someone’s highlight reel. This doesn’t mean that their life is perfect or that their workouts are on point every day of the week. It truly is about finding balance and finding what works for you.

Just because someone is posting about this amazing high impact class, doesn’t mean you should start doing HIIT classes every day of the week. Find a workout routine that fits what you enjoy doing. For some, that might be walking or jogging around the local park after work. Some people might hate the idea of working out, but love to dance so maybe they check out some dance-inspired workouts like Zumba, Barre, or Hip Hop classes. Others might have a really strong competitive spirit and are all for CrossFit and HIIT classes almost everyday.

The most important thing is that you MOVE YOUR BODY. It doesn’t matter how you move it, just find something you love, like, kinda enjoy, or even just tolerate, but don’t settle for something that you cringe at the thought of because then you’ll never want to workout and you’ll find yourself falling off of the bandwagon more often than not.

Additionally, don’t stress so much about your workout routine! Especially when we see people on social media at the gym every. single. day. we start to feel insecure about how much we workout. That doesn’t mean you should force a workout into your life every. single. day. It means that you are different from every other person and you have different needs.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When you need a day off, take it! When you feel obliterated by a long day at work, but you wanted to take an intense boxing class that evening, maybe just swap it out for a bike ride or yoga class to maintain your sanity.

You don’t have to go ham everyday of the week. Just be mindful of your body, your needs, and your movement and I promise you that everything will be just fine!

Cheers to a good week,



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