Diversity in Wellness

When you think of “wellness,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Green smoothies? Collagen lattes? Rose petal baths and clay masks? Acupuncture? The highest grade supplements and adaptogens? While all of these things are great, they also come with a significant cost.

If you take a look at wellness influencers on social media, there seem to be a few things that a lot of them have in common: ample free time to meal prep and practice self-care and enough money to buy brand name protein powders, top tier skincare, and very expensive body treatments and workout classes.

Now, I’m not saying any of this is bad. In fact, it’s amazing that there are people able to take care of themselves like this and additionally, that they share their way of life to inspire and encourage others is great! We live in a changing world where the trend seems to be leaning towards health and wellness. However…

This isn’t realist for most of the world’s population or even most of our nation’s population. What some people spend on wellness in a year is more than others make for the entire year! It’s crazy to think about that. So how do we bridge the gap between what we see on social media and the working single mother who has two jobs and barely has enough time to pack her kids’ lunches in the morning?

I want to open a discussion about changing the way we view wellness to make it more available to the world! I live in Orange County, CA so this post comes from personal experience as well. I know I’m guilty of posting about my chiropractic visits, adaptogen smoothies, and workout routines, but I also know that within an hour’s drive, people living in East LA (think South Central, Watts, Compton, etc) don’t even have access to grocery stores! How crazy is that?!

For those people, they rely on the food-like products they can buy in convenience stores which mainly consist of highly processed, highly refined foods whose solitary benefit is to provide people with calories devoid of any nutrition whatsoever.

To think that you could suggest to people in these living conditions that they just need to eat more vegetables is even a big stretch. Instead of telling people how bad the food they have is, let’s talk about how to open their eyes to what they are doing right!

Can you buy dried beans and dried rice? Then you’re eating superfoods! Don’t believe me? Look at every single civilization in the history of the world and what you will find in common is that every civilization in history has been nourished off of some kind of starch and some kind of legume. These things are much more accessible and way better at nourishing the body than 2 or 3 trips to McDonald’s per day.

If you are the kind of person who can afford to treat yourself to the highest forms of wellness, that’s amazing! I want to encourage you also to open up the same discussion and talk about ways wellness can be made simple and available for everyone to participate in.

I’d love to connect with you on this, so feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts! Feedback is always welcome. Constructive criticism is preferred to negative comments. Thanks!

Till next time,



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