Following Your Intuition

It’s hard to follow your dreams…

I’ll be the first to admit it! With everyone wanting to tell you what you should do, where you should go, and who you should be, it’s hard to know what you truly want in life.

When I was a kid, I went through many phases of what I wanted to be when I grew up. This list includes: marine biologist, veterinarian, professional athlete, Hollywood actress, archaeologist, sustainable agriculture scientist, and the list goes on. I never quite made it to marine biologist or veterinarian, but I did have glimpses of being a professional athlete while I was playing sports at a D1 level in college. I dabbled in film acting though I never took to the spotlight. I went on an archaeological dig in Ecuador one summer. I also went to New Zealand to study sustainable agriculture. I’ve been blessed to say that in some way, shape, or form, I’ve been able to live out my dreams.

I’m fortunate that growing up, my parents always encouraged me to follow my dreams. As I grew into an adult, I started falling into the “it’s just what adults do” category. This is not something I was ok with.

As adults in today’s society, we are conditioned to believe that we need to act a certain way, do certain things, and do this thing called “adulting” but where does this ideology even come from?

Look back a few generations and you see that people had two choices: to join the army (or some other government service) or step into one job that they would settle into for the next 5 decades….

Jump forward to today and we have SO many options! We have a wealth of technology at our fingertips. We can work from a laptop from virtually anywhere (that has WiFi). We can travel. We should travel! We can start our own companies. We can blog. We can reach more people than any other generation before us, so why should we limit ourselves to the “adults have a 9 to 5 job” belief?!

The thought that in order to be a successful adult, you need to give up on your hopes and dreams in pursuit of someone else’s dreams while also forfeiting almost all of your time and energy in return for a measly salary that you probably still won’t be satisfied with…what kind of life is that really??

I’m not one to say that kind of life is bad if that’s the kind of life you want. If you’re hellbent on climbing the corporate ladder, by all means, climb away! I’m just saying that for the general consensus to be that you need to squander your life away to achieve someone else’s goals is incredibly outdated! It’s time that we revisit the way we think about success. Let’s get that discussion going!

What are your dreams? No matter how far fetched they may seem, in the words of Walt Disney, “if you can dream it, you can do it!” I’m finally in a position where I’ve stopped listening to all the chatter about having a particular kind of job. I appreciate that my loved ones want me to have security and I know that their opinions on a 9 to 5 are their way of looking out for me, but I have something else in mind.

I know I want to change the world, but until recently, I didn’t know how to facilitate that change. Here’s the kicker: when you start to change yourself, you begin to change the world! When I started to look inward at myself and who I wanted to be, I started to change my outlook on the standard American corporate job system. I realized I could have it both ways – a stable career that I valued and the ability to have a strong work/life balance. I just had to find a way to make it possible.

That’s what I’m working on right now. I’m not yet able to share the projects I have in the works, but I’m very excited about them!

So I want to know what your dreams are! I want to know what you wanted to be when you were a kid and when (and if) you let go of those dreams in pursuit of “adult success”.  Are you following your dreams? Drop me a comment below and let’s start the discussion!

Happy dreaming,



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