Hi, friend! I’m Brittany and I can’t wait to connect with you!

To give you a brief glimpse into my history, I’ll take you back to when it all started…

Growing up, I was always very active, playing in sports like soccer, swim, and karate, and just plain playing outside and climbing trees all day long. In high school, I ran cross country and did track and field. That’s when I started realizing that eating an ultimate cheeseburger and oreo milkshake from Jack in the Box after a track meet probably wasn’t the best way to fuel my body…just a thought…but at that point in my life, I really had no idea what it meant to be healthy, so I opted for carrots, low calorie snacks and drinks (aka fake sugar shit), V8, and turkey sandwiches. That was healthy, right?

Not exactly…as I transitioned from high school into college, I also developed an eating disorder that put a huge handicap on my athletic performance. Being recruited to a D1 university for pole vaulting meant that I had to be in tip top shape, so I began to focus on dairy based protein shakes, tilapia, broccolli, and more low calorie/sugar free snacks (at this point, I had become pescatarian). That had to be healthier, right?

When I discovered that I wasn’t leading my best life, and at that point, was barely leading any kind of life due to my severe obsession with food, I knew things needed to change. I restricted even more and became vegan, but this time focusing on real foods. At least I was kind of making my way in the right direction…

I’d like to add in, just for context sake, that I studied Drama and Anthropology with an emphasis on Archaeology. The world of theatre and film definitely didn’t help my views on my body. I ended up turning my focus to archaeology when I realized I hated all the judgment that came with acting and went on a dig in the Ecuadorian Andes during the summer before my senior year, but I was so sick and constantly exhausted from living off of potatoes and tomatoes for 2 months that when I came back, my hair was thinning (badly), my skin was crazy dry, and my nails were extremely brittle! Clearly, this mode of eating wasn’t working for me either.

After I graduated, all I wanted to do was travel (I’m kind of still in this boat), so I went WWOOF-ing through New Zealand to learn about off grid living and sustainable agriculture. This was one of my first encounters with Ayurveda and traditional medicine and I LOVED IT! I became obsessed when I returned and tried to absorb as much as I could. I started eating more cooked food and eventually, started adding eggs and some fish back into my diet (with the occasional dose of dairy because paneer is amazing and desserts…obvs). I began creating plant-based recipes incorporating Indian spices, raw desserts, healthy-fied baked desserts, and more! I finally started to find my groove and I also found my love for travel!

Since then, I’ve traveled to Thailand, all over South and Central America, Canada, the Caribbean, Ireland, and numerous road trips all over the US. With each trip, I learn a little more about how to balance a healthy lifestyle while still having fun!

Back to the present, I now work in the natural foods industry and have a bunch of health and fitness certifications including: spin, personal training, group training, sports nutrition, and yoga (and hopefully soon adding holistic nutrition and ayurvedic practitioner!). I’ve been teaching spin for 5 years, HIIT training for 2+ years, and always taking private fitness and nutrition clients. (Yo, HMU if you want help building a routine!)

Long story short, my goal here is to share with you everything I’ve learned about health and wellness, fitness hacks when you’re on the road, workout routines you can do at home or at a gym, travel tips, favorite destinations, Ayurveda and natural/holistic remedies, and living in balance! I can’t wait to start this journey with you!

Much love,





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